A little help from our friends

Hello around the world. How are you?

We have been soooo busy. So busy that we didn’t have time to blog.

The Lifestyle Fair (Livsstilsmessen) is this Sunday and we have a few things ready for the fashion show. We have been working our butts off to get them ready and we are quite happy with the products.

They are all made from our “trash”. Our trash is not filthy or disgusting but is a big bunch of fabric scraps, beautiful, colorful leftovers from past projects or used clothing. We produce heaps of these lovely little corners and strips and always felt bad about throwing them away. Someone spent time and resources in producing the cotton, then someone else in a mill wove the cotton into fabric, then came the dyeing process and all the environmental implications, after that the fabric was shipped, cut, sewn and distributed to shops. Should all this work have been in vain if garments fall out of style? Are jeans unusable if the knees are ripped? Does unrepairable mean, unusable?

Why throw away if you can repair? Why not restyle to fit current style? Why not patch up jeans and create a new style? Why not cut broken garments in to smaller pieces and use them for patchwork?

We also have to mention our wonderful helpers. This week we had help for all our planned projects and what a huge help it was. Awesome people stepped up and lent a hand in cutting, sewing, stuffing and bringing good mood to the shop.

Here is a big THANK YOU to Charlotte, Vibeke and Amela.


We are very excited to show you all the results on Sunday. There will be 2 fashions show runs during the fair. The first is at 12:00 and the last is at 14:00. We can’t wait!!!


In other news:

This week we had a great meeting with 2 funny, kind and very smart people: Kerstin Molsted and Torsten Bo Jørgensen.



They are helping us plan something new…something absolutely daring and super exciting. We can’t tell you much more, since this is only an idea so far. Be assured, you’ll be informed as our idea matures into a real plan. We might even need your help.


Be good, be happy, be kind.

Hugs and Kisses

Mia & Annie







Busy in a good way

This weeks blog will be rather short.

Due to the cold weather, so many people have come to us with their warm jackets needing to have the zip fixed. We have a lot to do and are very, very happy about it. Repairs are a great way of working with clothes. You get to see garments from the inside and every repair make you a better tailor. The understanding you gain from fixing garments is a great step to designing new and even more interesting clothing.

We work hard to finish all items in a timely fashion and still do it just right.

Next week the shop will stay closed. It’s the winter holidays and we have so many other tasks (teaching workshops, internet work etc.) ahead of us. We’ll be back Feb. 21st and will take in more orders, but we will not begin working on them until March 6th. We are just too busy.

Lovely readers… have a great weekend.

Even if you are really busy, don’t forget to hug and kiss the ones you love.

Hugs and kisses

Mia and Annie

Skills for future generations

While many things are unsure for the following generations at the moment, one thing is absolutely clear. There are a few more kids with excellent new life skills out there. Mia’s students from the Art Class (see last post) were so cool to work with. She taught them to draw fashion croquis and how to design outfits. They then had to translate their design to a real, sewn clothing item.  Here are some pictures of the process and results from the first batch of lessons.

Here are a few from the second batch. This one was about reusing materials for making home accessories. The kids used multiple techniques like printing and patchwork.

The boys and girls really enjoyed the projects and generally had a good time. We loved to see them craft their items.

Mia’s rainbow skirt is now done and she also made a little girls dress to match. It’s soooo sunny and just the thing we need while spring is still weeks away. It’s all fabric scraps.

We will presenting them at the fashion show at the Lifestyle Fair March 6th here in Skælskør. We will also add this fella to the ensemble:



Here she spins.


In other news:

Our local paper wrote an article about Annie’s new separate company, SooperLooper. It’s a very nice, well written article, and tells a very positive story.

Here is a link to the article (in Danish): http://www.vdonline.dk/Skaelskoer/Succespraktik-blev-til-ivaerksaetteri-i-Skaelskoer/artikel/7709



While the world might at times seem crazy, remember what you are good at. Be a good influence in the world. Everything good that you do, will be noted somewhere in the collective consciousness.

“If you think you are too small to make a difference, try sleeping with a mosquito in the room.”

With this, we wish you a great weekend. Spread love.


Hugs and Kisses

Mia & Annie

It’s been too long

Dear readers, we’re back. Actually we were never gone. We have just been so busy.

New ideas are popping up and spring inspires us in so many ways. Nature is slowly waking up and so is our creativity.


We have been looking at our businesses and what we find we are truly good at and how our ambitions match this. Due to this assesment we will be focussing more on redesigning items. It’s always great fun and we love the green aspect.

Recently we’ve started using our social media profile more and it was a great success.

Instagram: Miamedmere & ampsooperlooper

One of the projects we are working on is a beautiful rainbow skirt made entirely from scraps. img_27511

It’s a part of a set that will also include a girls dress and bags for both mom and daughter.


We will be taking part in the lifestyle fair here in Skælskør in March and will hopefully be able to present the whole set there.

Mia has been teaching a lot of kids how to design and sew clothing. Here in Skælskør we have an ongoing experiment for the next three years. It’s a specialization class for school children at the age of 13 who want to work with art and design. They receive four lessons a week that are art and design relevant. The kids have learnt to draw fashion croquis and the basic sewing techniques. Both Mia and the kids were very happy with the outcome.


Maybe our way of using and reusing materials is a very small step to make a better world, but in the face of what is going on in the big picture, every step is important. We need to stand together, enjoy life with each other across anything that is said divides us and remember to hold on to those good things in the world. Freedom, clean air and water, friendships, and a future for the next generations.

 Be good to each other 

Hugs & kisses 

Mia and Annie

Twice as strong, very joyful.

All you dear people out there. Merry x-mas.

This will be the last post before the holidays. May they be merry what ever you choose to celebrate. No label can communicate the joy we feel when having a few days off to enjoy the company of friends and family anyway.



This weekend we will be at Café Retro in Copenhagen. We will be a part of their Wintermarket from 12:00 till 17:00. It’s very exciting!


We’ve had some lovely visitors this past week. Rikke from the wonderful shop Morfars Moustache and her sister, Tina came by and picked up the dresses that we had sewn for them. We used the vintage fabrics and patterns that they provided for us. Rikke tried one one and was very satisfied.


We’ll hopefully make more dresses for this lovely shop.


Today Skælskør was announced as this years x-mas town. And it’s pretty clear why. This town has everything: Drive, happiness, friendliness and lots of good ideas.

The national radio, DR reported live this morning from 6:00. About 200 people showed up, sang and showed why Skælskør is known as a cozy little town. Mia did a short interview and told about our shop.


In other news:

This past Wednesday was a special day. We are now officially two businesses running out of this workshop. Annie started her own little company and together we will rock this show. Some projects will be separate and some will be cooperations.

We are very excited and know that this is a great step.


That’s all for this time.

Have a fantastic time and give those people a big smile… If you know them or not. Remember karma. If you can’t give presents, you can always give love and empathy.


Hugs and kisses

Mia & Annie




co-ops and cookies

Happy Friday everyone.

It’s time for the crazy sewing blog again.

We often collaborate with a fellow, local upcyclist, Karen Sieling. She founded the social project, FrirumLab, where she teaches children to upcycle and produce art from scrapped materials. FrirumLab is located in a shopping center in nearby Slagelse.


Frirum Lab offers workshops and you can book the venue for birthdays and events. Karen is very creative and has studied child care.

It’s great that a big shopping center like Vestsjællandscentret has seen the potential and necessity that lies with being able to reuse materials. Sometimes we cooperate with Karen and bounce ideas off each other. Feedback from people in the same business is important and we work together and not against each other.


Karen recently visited the shop and saw our Christmas skirts for kids. She also wanted one, so what do we do? We make her one.


She will be here later today and we are soooooo excited to see if she likes it.


December 18th we will be taking part in the Wintermarket at Café Retro (Knabrostræde) in the heart of Copenhagen. It’s a really cozy little cafe and we will be a bunch of crafty vendors. The market is on from 12:00 – 17:00. It’s really close to the holiday and if you still need that one present, then it is the perfect time and place to find it. Grab a cup of coffee while you shop too.

In other news:

Most of our Christmas stockings have been sold. Our regular customer Claus came by with his pants, that were too long. Mia fixed them very fast and when he came to pick them up he bought the stockings. He even brought us cookies. How sweet is that?!

The kids who came to the workshop last week were very happy with their stockings. Here are a few results:


This week the Christmas skirt workshop is taking place and we are looking foreward.

The Christmas Skirt workshop is tomorrow from 10:30 – 14:00

Well folks… that’s all for this week.

Always remember:

Creativity is Intelligence having Fun – Albert Einstein

Hugs and Kisses

Mia & Annie

Life socks ;)

Many people celebrate Black Friday today. We do not. Our Friday is red, green, gold, white and all the other colors associated with Christmas.

We don’t consume, we reuse. There are already so many x-mas themed materials around. Why not use them? So many people have donated their used textiles and we found lots of great embroideries and printed tablecloths at our local charity shops. Right now we have 8 kids and a couple of moms here in the shop. We are sewing X-mas stockings from all the lovely pre-used materials and are having a great time… without shopping. Tomorrow we’ll be continuing the workshop from 11:00 to 15:30.


Yesterday we went to an event in Roskilde. It was a fair on city life and modern city development arranged by COWI.

It was very interesting and we were able to contribute with our knowledge due to being a part of Skælskør and due to Mia’s connection to Fields Designstore. Mia held a short lecture on her experiences.


It was great that we had the opportunity to listen to people from all part of the city planning and business life. We were able to put a green spin on the discussion.


In other news:

We’d like you to meet our lovely intern, Irina. She’s a Ukrainian power woman and a great seamstress. She always has a good idea and loves to play with materials.


That’s all for this week. Next week will will have some interesting visitors.

Have a nice green weekend and be good to each other. Life is about the little things.

Hugs and kisses

Mia & Annie



A coat of joy

Hi there, you lovely people.

Here we are back from our little art market adventure. It was so much fun and very inspiring to join a lot of different artists. The venue was great and we talked to so many people.


Feedback was great and we might have another market coming up in December. We’ll keep you updated.

Speaking of x-mas events… Next week we will be hosting a Build-you-own-Christmas-stocking-workshop. Search our vast library of seasonal fabrics and choose a pattern to customize a stocking.

It starts Friday, November 25th at 15:30 to about 18:00 and proceeds Saturday, November 26th from 11:00 to 15:30.

Kids are welcome and it’s very allowed to bring your parents.

IF… you should have any old Christmas textiles at home that you no longer use, we’d be very happy if you would donate them to us. We can use anything. Tablecloths, napkins, doilies, curtains, pillows, embroideries, printed textiles, woven pieces.  We’ll recycle them and make something new from something old. Out of style should not mean out of use. Our resources are limited on this planet and therefor we should reuse as much as possible.


In other news:

We had such a great task this week. A customer brought by a beautiful piece of fabric. It was a black and orange quilt with intricate hand stitching. She wanted us to turn it into a jacket. It is now finished and we had quite q difficult time letting go of it. It is absolutely gorgeous. The fabric just makes the simple model pop.

The jacket is reversible and just looks great on Merete. Another happy customer and what more can you wish for on a Friday afternoon?


We hope your week has been equally successful and that we can all enjoy the upcoming weekend. It’s hot cocoa weather here.

Hugs and Kisses

Mia & Annie

Snowflakes and love

The first snow of the year brought us a bit of pre-x-mas joy and now the elves are working sooooo hard! Hannah, our supercool intern was a great help.

Tomorrow we’ll be at the

Design- og værkstedmarked at Absalons Kirke from 10:00 – 16:00

We’ll be selling dresses, skirts, tops, coats, bags, hats and everything in between.


We’d really love it if you’d drop by.

All our items are made from sustainable materials and help us spread love.

We accept  most cards, MobilePay and cash.



If you buy an item, upload a picture of you or a friend wearing this item to Instagram and use the hashtag #miamedmerejul you enter the competition to win 50% off your next purchase from us. You can use the 50%-off here at the shop in Skælskør or at Fields Designstore (our items only at Fields Designstore). Standard rules apply.


Remember… we love you all. We all need to hear this during times like these. Openness and empathy will prevail.

Hugs and kisses

Mia & Annie & Hannah


Glorious autumn colors

Happy, soggy friday.

Most of us here in Scandinavia just want to curl up on the couch with a great cup of tea or coffee. It is wet and cold outside.

Someone dropped a big bag of powdered cinnamon out in the courtyard and now even the exterior smells like pumpkin spice. There could be worse things 🙂

If, like us, you feel the chill of late autumn, we might have something for you.


These mittens are made from upcycled upholstery fabrics and denim, just like our bags. They are lined with scraps of poly fleece and will keep your hands nice and toasty.


Mia’s cooperation with Morfars Moustache is moving foreward. The dresses look soooo beautiful. She uses vintage fabrics and because she is a true perfectionist, they will be absolutely gorgeous.




In other news:

Christmas is not that far away and therefor we will be going to the Christmas market Nov 12th at Absalons kirke in Copenhagen. It’s in an old closed church in the hip area called Vesterbro in the heart of our lovely capital. We’ll be selling items and working while we hang out. We hope to see you there.


Until then… Enjoy your hot beverages and cuddle up to someone nice. Remember, a little love goes a long way.

Stay warm and dry.

Hugs and kisses

Mia and Annie